Working at Ultius

Working at Ultius

The interview was applied online and he was asked to submit a two-page letter. They sent it to me and told me that my application would not be considered, as they said: “Your sample letter lacks a number of key points we were looking for.” Everything is alright. If a candidate is willing to spend from 30 minutes to an hour writing a job example, the company should be prepared for those criteria it has not met. Really low and merciful on their part to treat applicants like that. This company is corrupt from head to toe. They are marketed as a company that helps businesses write, but in reality they write articles only for lazy, wealthy students. I spent hours writing an article just for Ultius to cancel and give ZERO compensation.

I was asked to provide an example letter on a specific topic and then I was advised to go for an interview. It seems like a formality, but the human resources officer in charge of the interview refused to schedule an interview for a certain amount of time. Instead, she casually called me on the weekends or at any time of the day, never giving me the opportunity to call her or setting a specific time for an interview. Finally, I was able to catch one of her calls. The “interview” lasted less than 4 minutes. She was distracted and did not even seem to hear my answers. Two weeks later I received a standard rejection letter.

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I am very qualified for the position and I highly doubt the refusal was due to the fact that I did not receive her call 24/7. I would not advise anyone to waste his time writing examples for this company that does not even have a professional approach to hiring..

Interview: This was the most unprofessional interview I have ever had. I have worked for more than a dozen companies online.

We work hard to be transparent about expectations and our authors can discuss expectations at any time using Writer Success. Even though you are no longer on our team, we hope you took the opportunity to talk by writing to us..

Even if you are desperate for money, this site is not worth it. Every talented writer should boycott Ultius. I called support and they said I would have trouble with the call because I am a writer and the line was just for clients. This is disgusting, average behavior. NO SUPPORT OF THE WRITER, no matter what they say.

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